HINCAPIÉ & MOLINA CONSULTORES has a team constituted by attorneys who are specialized in the following Fields: Maritime and Admiralty Law, Port Law, Transportation Law, Trade Law, Finance Law, Insurance Law, Customs Law, Public Law (Administrative and Constitutional), Competition Law and Alternative Dispute Resolution.
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HINCAPIE & MOLINA has a wide experience in propèrty insurance and liability insurance, related with the transportation, logistic operations, custom and port areas, as well as in the commercial field in general.
Our Firm has advised others in a great amount of matters related with insurance, including hull and machinery insurance, Protection and Indemnity, commercial civil liability, port and airport civil liability, D&O, charterers´ liability, all risk material damage, complementary insurance, port equipment and environmental contamination. We also have an important experience in issues related with life insurance and social security insurance.

Within these areas we find:




Insurance Contracts

Life insurance/social security insurance.

Risk managment/evaluations.

Conventional and mutaul P & I covers (Protection and Indemnity)


Civil liability

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