HINCAPIÉ & MOLINA CONSULTORES has a team constituted by attorneys who are specialized in the following Fields: Maritime and Admiralty Law, Port Law, Transportation Law, Trade Law, Finance Law, Insurance Law, Customs Law, Public Law (Administrative and Constitutional), Competition Law and Alternative Dispute Resolution.
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We offer advisory and representation services in negotiations and contracts with administrative/public/ goverment entities.
We also have experience in handling law suits sues against the State, related with the legality of administrative acts which may affect in a direct or indirect way, the economical interests of our clients customers.

The growing interest of our customers clients/foreign investors in the Colombian market made our Firm become specialized in those topics which may influence their commercial interests mainly in:

Penalty procedures.

Lawsuits against customs authority

Licitations process

Negotiation in contractual terms

Direct contracts and other aspects inherent to administrative contracting


It is important to highlight the fact that since the 1991 Constitution, the Colombian courts have been developing new laws jurisprudence and such decisions have consequently affected our sector and will continue affecting the economy and the way the country is being governed. It is usual that, in defense of our customers clients interests, it may be necessary to recur to constitutional actions, among them, the protection of fundamental rights or to group or /popular actions.

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